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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Zambian News

I can’t believe it’s June! It does not feel like one year ago the group from our supporting churches came to hold their campaign here in Mumena. Now we are gearing up for them to arrive in 3 1/2 weeks. It is an exciting time of year for us, and it is as well for the locals as they prepare to greet their brothers and sisters from America.

When I think about a group coming to visit, I am reminded of the joy the locals experience and the honor they feel hosting those from a far, unknown land. I believe the most important and loving thing a visitor could do for a local is to visit them in their village. In Zambia, the greatest value is relationships. It is more important than food, work or sleep. To visit a Zambian, to sit at their home and learn more about them is a gift that is priceless to them.

Today, Jeremy and I went to visit a family in their village. Here was our welcome committee :

Here is a dear friend of ours. She is pregnant with baby #6, due in August.

This month the local churches have been pushing themselves to become more evangelistic. It has been awesome to see so many churches couple up to spread the Word. One of our church leaders goes each week with one of the missionaries, Sam, to the clinic near by to do outreach. Jason and Jeremy have a new Bible study point in a village that’s about a 20 minute walk away. They have had a couple of church leaders join them to go evangelize in this new area. And Jeremy has had multiple members from Konkwa church join him in a new church plant effort that’s about an hour bike ride away. God is good. 

Thank you for the continued prayers!

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