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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Past few weeks in pictures

I'm way behind and had plans for more blog posts, but we are into the really busy time of year here in Zambia. Mom and Scott arrived this past Saturday in Lusaka, and Jeremy and I went to pick them up. They will be here through the campaign, so we have them here for about 3 more weeks! We are busy preparing for the group from America that will make up our campaign, and my body is "busy" as well just being pregnant. I am 14 weeks pregnant with a little sweet, surprise due in December! 
About 3 weeks ago, the church leaders and missionaries gathered for a full work day at the local clinic to improve the maternity ward facilities. There will now be running water and a shower room for mothers. The church leaders will present this gift to the community while the group from America is here. They are very proud of their work!
After much trial and error, we finally have a consistent youth study going with the Konkwa church. Here's a game of bush volleyball going on before we began our Bible study. This group is so dedicated. They even met without us last Sunday, while we were away in Lusaka. They will hopefully be continuing on as a youth program long after we are gone.
Visiting the chimpanzee refugee farm with Mom and Scott!
Scott's first day here, and he's already eating up the nshema!


  1. Congratulations on the little one!! That's wonderful! Enjoy your company, and that's so good to hear about the Konkwa group. We love and miss you all!

  2. So excited about your pregnancy and Scott is such a beast! I'm so glad your family is there safe!

  3. Hey guys,
    Isaac Brown here. Sorry I haven't back with yall unti now. I am not on facebook anymore. We just moved to Baton Rouge as well. Super excited to hear about yalls baby on the way. Jeremy email me at isaacbass22@gmail.com when you have a chance. I know yall are crazy busy. Love yall and talk to you later. Praying for health and strength for Whitney and baby. Say hi to Scott and your Mom for us.