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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Campaign to Zambia

We’ve spent the past two weeks partnering with a group of 13 Americans, made up of people from our team’s supporting congregations. It was an awesome two weeks! So much good was done working with the congregations in the area and with villagers on educating their children.

We had a team that went out each day to work with three different church plants in the area. They all studied together, Americans and Zambians, about what evangelism means and how we can reach out to our communities. Then they would spend the afternoons going out with Zambian church leaders to local villages to spread the Gospel. I loved hearing about the partnership between Zambians and Americans as they worked together, and also the encouragement that was spread to these Christian leaders that are trying to bring Christ to their communities.

The education team was split into pairs, and each pair worked with two separate Zambian families. The goal was to help the parents better understand how they can help their children learn more at home and to spread the word in their area. We worked with Christian families, so they already see the importance of this concept. They will take the knowledge they now have and share with others in their community. Things as simple as having their children practice writing their names in the dirt every day and practicing math problems with corn cobs that are lying around—it was great!

The last day of the campaign was a medical day spent partnering with our local Mumena clinic. Thanks to everyone who was a part of sending these individuals over or who came to be a part of our campaign this year! It was a blessing!

Here are just a few pictures of our time together: