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Monday, May 21, 2012

The Wisdom of Discipleship

 Last week, I had a truly remarkable experience.  I was heading out to my Tuesday Bible study, which is held out under a bunch of shade trees, when Gift Siampongo stopped me.  Gift is a young man who has faced many challenges in his Christian walk.  He just completed our leadership seminar, where he studied the book of Acts.  I have been mentoring Gift, age 21, for the last six months, as he has traveled to many Bible studies with me over that period of time.  This, however, was his first time to ask to teach.  We have been studying and practicing many weeks now on lesson preparation and teaching.  He has been a very active student, and since the Bible study this day was to be from the book of Acts, I was thrilled to see him put into practice what he has learned. 

This 21 year old sat in the midst of 25 people, most of them older than him, and taught about the Kingdom of God through the book of Acts.  I felt so proud as I sat beside him not having to interject on anything that he said.  He was right on the money and conveyed a powerful message to this group of older, but less mature, group of believers.  This is the point of missions – to create disciples –as this young man will be here far longer than I will.  I can’t wait for those of you coming over to know this young man and hear more of his story.  He is truly an inspiring young man who loves the Lord.  He provides an example of the wisdom of Christ who through careful discipleship spread His kingdom all over the world.  Below is a picture of Gift teaching under the trees.

Gift is on the right

This is at the beginning, more people show up later.