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Friday, July 15, 2011

Mumena News

Lots of exciting things will be happening here in Kaondeland in the next couple of weeks. This Saturday, Sondra, Erin, Ellie and I are headed out to Maheba refugee camp to work with the women from one of the church plants there. We will be focusing on the why and how to teach your children the Bible. The women have been asking for advice on teaching Bible stories and how to do this with the limited resources that they have. Most of the refugees at Maheba are from the Congo or Angola. Both of these people groups have very large, outgoing personalities. They are great to be around! It will be a great day spent with them.<br />
This coming Monday, we have the U.S. Ambassador for Zambia coming to see what kind of agricultural work we are doing here. We were quite stunned to receive the email asking for this day to be set up. Ambassador Storella was appointed to come here by President Obama and previously served as the Ambassador for Iraq.  We are excited to meet him. Jason and Rick have some new ag projects developing with the teachers here that we are excited to show off.<br />
Also, this Monday through Thursday, we have an American missionary couple, who serve in Swaziland, coming to conduct a marriage seminar. We have about 10 Kaonde couples who will be coming to the classes, and we also get to sit in on this and learn more about teaching Zambians about marriage and family. This couple is traveling all through Africa to conduct these seminars, and we are blessed to have them come to our area. The topic of marriage and family needs to be studied and worked through immensely in Zambia. <br />
We’ll let you know how all of this goes. Thank you for your prayers! 

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