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Monday, July 18, 2011

Congo Refugees in Motion!

Saturday was spent with the Congolese at Road 68 church in the refugee camp. Sondra, Ellie, Erin and I spent the day with about 15 women helping them work through how to teach their children. For these women, it is difficult being new Christians to plan and teach lessons for Sunday school. We showed them four different ways you can teach your children at home and the children at church and then had them practice with us. It was so much fun, and they had great attitudes. Sondra spent some time going over the theology behind why we teach our children. Then I spent some time showing the women how they could teach using their hands and facial expressions to get their point across. We practiced all together with the story of the wise man and the foolish man. I would say a line of the story, and then they were to create a motion with their hands and face to go with the story. The point is to create motions that the teacher has the children do as well as she teaches the story. Below are pictures of the women creating motions and working together to tell the story in a way that will hold their children's interest. Erin and Ellie also showed techniques in teaching. Hopefully, this was an encouraging, refreshing day for these women who work hard to keep their families and church body running. While the ladies learned, the men of the church kept the kids and cooked lunch for the women! It was a very rare act of kindness that shows much maturity on their part. Great day with the Congolese!
This lady came up to volunteer to lead the group in new motions.
One of the women who gave us an example of a new story being acted out. She did so great! Brave woman.
The whole group! -Whitney

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