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Monday, May 9, 2011

Field Day

Last week Jeremy and I decided to ride out to a village and work with a family in their field. Most Zambians who choose to farm are working in their fields every morning. It is not the best time to go out and visit villages in the mornings, because you will usually not find people at home. Jeremy and I rode our bikes out to the village and left them at the family’s hut. The family had already been out for two hours working, so we began the walk through the bush to meet up with them in their field.
As soon as we came to the clearing, the family came running to greet us—they made us feel welcome. They had been out in the hot sun working for two hours already. Cosmas and Josephine were digging up their peanuts (in Zambia they are called ground nuts). Then, all of the children were collecting them and putting in a pile. Jeremy and I really appreciated the fact that the whole family was working together and enjoying each other’s company. This past week was a school holiday so even the older children got to help. Jeremy and I both tried out pulling up the ground nuts, but I mostly helped collect the crops. It was such a neat time to spend with this family, and I know we developed a deeper friendship that day. Jeremy and I had great respect for them to see how hard they were working and all of them spending together. They were very happy out in the field and couldn’t stop laughing the whole time we were out there. Most Zambians think white people are very fragile with our fair skin.
After we finished in the field, we all headed back to the hut, and Josephine fixed everyone lunch—nshema and greens. We visited for a couple more hours and then Jeremy and I went home. It was a fulfilling day, even though we were dead tired. I’m thankful for the time and days that go like this.

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