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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Chilly Weather

It has been a busy month as we prepare for the campaign to arrive (25 Americans are coming!!!). We are really excited about the month of June. We have been testing out air mattresses, hanging mosquito nets, preparing our Zambian friends and getting the schedule ready for the group that is coming in on June 9th. We will have 12 people coming from East Brainerd church of Christ in Chattanooga, TN (our supporting congregation), and the rest will be coming from Hillcrest in Abilene, TX. We are pumped!
Jeremy and I have an anthill back behind our house, and it was Jeremy’s dream to have a kensanza built on top of it so we could see out and watch part of the sunset. Of course, we cannot see all of it because a big termite mound is in the way. It is relaxing sitting under our open hut, and it’s best in the early mornings and at sunset.
On June 29, Erin, Sondra and I have an exciting trip to Port Elizabeth, South Africa. We were invited to a Come Before Winter retreat/women’s conference. I actually remember hearing about Come Before Winter in college. It is a retreat set up by Americans for women missionaries. They go to different locations all over the world to encourage them. I feel so blessed to be going. I was telling Erin today that it may be overwhelming to be around that many white people again. Haha, that sounds silly, but seriously--it has been awhile. I am so thankful we are going. It will be refreshing and such a gift. Jeremy will be left all by his lonesome in the bush. Except his Uncle Brian had pity on him and has invited Jeremy and Jason to eat at his house every night for the week. We will get back in to Mumena on June 5, a few days before the campaign begins.
As the U.S. is gearing up for the summer season we are beginning to feel the Zambian chill of winter. The coldest months will be June and July. This past week, I began meeting with the younger girls again for our Bible study. We had to take a break during April because they were on school holiday. We have a new girl who has joined our study. She is about 16 or 17 years old and has an 8-month old baby. She is not in school. I wondered how the younger school girls were going to take to this new change, but they welcomed her so sweetly. In March, I had taught them the card game “spoons”, and they have now asked if they can come early, play spoons for half an hour, and then begin the Bible study. How could I refuse? It is so fun watching them play.

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  1. Whit! You will LOVE Come Before Winter! I got to go in Paraguay last year and it was fabulous. I love that, even though we are on different continents, both of which are different than the continent we are from, we still get to share things like this! Love you!