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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Clueless for a title name?

Dear Friends,

I’ve been a bit out of touch with our blog recently, but with all that is going on the last thing I want to do is stop writing about our journey.
We have been so blessed with encouragement and prayers this past month, and I want to say thank you for it. This year has started off a bit unexpectedly for Jeremy and I, but we are very thankful for our lives this year.
In February, we made the decision to fly to South Africa for a few weeks of doctor visits. I had been having some trouble with a certain bacteria that had been stubbornly living in my body. After lots of antibiotics we were able to get rid of it and the pain has cleared up completely. We also were told this bacteria cannot do any damage to me physically if I were to get it again. It was a great time of reassurance and peace of mind.
However, two days after we had arrived back to Zambia, Jeremy and I were in a severe car accident that totaled the truck we were driving. The vehicle had flipped over and in the process, our dear Zambian friend who was in the backseat flew out the window. God was with us because we were able to get out of the truck with only scratches and bruises and quickly assist our friend who was on the side of the road. We are both extremely soar, but very thankful to be ok. Our friend, Mr. Jikata, is in the hospital. He does not have any broken bones, which we are so thankful for. However, he is still having intense back pain and his head was hit hard. Jeremy was able to go see him yesterday and the first words he said, as he was laying in his hospital bed were, “God was with us.”
We have been surrounded by our teammates, Zambians and special guests who just so happened to be arriving from the states the same day. Thank you for your prayers. We are very thankful.
We know this will be a process to heal from our pain and shock, but we feel very supported, and more than anything relieved that our friend will be ok.
Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. We love you all.

Whitney and Jeremy


  1. so glad you guys are okay!! we will be praying for your friend.

  2. The HIZ group will be praying! We love you guys!