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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Where have all the white people gone?

The campaign group of 21 sweet visitors from the U.S. has come and gone. It was such a fantastic campaign, and I feel so blessed to have been a part of it. During the past 3 weeks we had lots of village visits, medical clinics, Bible studies and time in the Mumena B school. While Jason was busy leading a team of engineers to build a pavilion for our teaching facilities and Jeremy was taking a group out to work with church leaders in the bush, Erin and I had the pleasure of working with education here on site. My mom, Susan Mellor and Gail Rogers were working with the teachers and students of the school, which is just right outside our house. We had a blast with these ladies and were very encouraged by their words and actions. We had a great few weeks spending time with our elders and representatives from EB. We feel so blessed to be a part of East Brainerd, and it meant SO much to have some members here with us. Hillcrest members were also here, and I loved getting to see old and new faces from my home in Abilene, TX--such a great group of people representing Abilene!! We will miss everyone a lot. Here are some pictures of my family that were here as part of the group.

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