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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bush Life

We have been in Mumena for one month now. The first month had its rollercoaster moments, but we lived through them and feel stronger and more prepared now. Our houses are set up, and I am quickly learning how to make everything from scratch. (Jeremy is quickly learning that he is going to have to sweep out little termite mounds from our house as soon as I see them popping up every day)

Last week, our entire team was sent by our supporting congregations on a team retreat to Lake Kariba, located between Zambia and Zimbabwe. It was a great week of relaxation and discussing team strategies and policies. We were able to spend time catching up on what has been going on in Mumena and what we are preparing for.

This week, Jeremy and I found out the names of the three church plants we will be working with while we are here. They need some developing, mentoring and love, so we are going to begin visiting each church and developing relationships. One church is fairly close to our house, but the others will be a bumpy ride to get out to. We are very excited about these opportunities. This is definitely something Jeremy has been dreaming to do now since the first summer he visited here.  

We are really working to learn the language- kikaonde. Jeremy and I try to learn a few phrases each day and then walk around and try to use them with the villagers. It can be quite humorous sometimes, but it is so fulfilling when you actually use a word correctly.

There is plenty to work on in Mumena, and we are working to pace ourselves.  Thank you so much for your continued prayers!

Below is a picture of Jeremy giving a Bible lesson during a church service at one of the church palnts. Also, a picture of a sunset over Lake Kariba, the land you see in the back is in Zimbabwe. 

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  1. Jeremy and Whitney, I have so loved reading your posts. You're in my thoughts frequently and am so excited for you as you continue to follow God's leading! What an exciting time. Much love and miss you!