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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mumena Highlights

Mumena week 1 is over. It was an exciting, exhausting and busy week, and we are happy to feel like we are almost all settled in.  Our mud house is running great. I have not seen any snakes, and not too many bugs.
Life here is simple in the African bush. Simple, but not easy. For the Kaonde tribe, where we are, they wake up with the sun, go out in the field and gather their food and then are usually finished with their duties by mid-afternoon. Then it is time to make dinner under their kensansa and stay by the fire until it is time for bed.
Jeremy and I have gone out in to one of the villages a few times this week and watched this process and enjoyed time talking with friends.
Here are a few things that went on this week:
We got in to our container 1 YEAR after packing it up and shipping it here. It was really neat to pull out all of the items that we had packed away. Our East Brainerd church family really took care of us, and we are very thankful for the things that were sent over. All of the rugs, dressers, book shelves, kitchen utensils, pots/pans, blankets, etc. are being used!
I really want to put up pictures of our house and area, but our internet plan is still being figured out—they will come eventually, but everything with our house is great!
I realized after our visit to town, which Jeremy told you about, that I prefer bush life over city life by a lot.
We have now been to two church plants out of the 13 that have been planted here in Mumena.  This morning, Jeremy and I arrived to our assigned church plant, and Jeremy was asked to give the Bible study to the church 10 minutes before it began. I just laughed to myself, but of course he did a great job!
Jeremy met “baby Jeremy” for the first time! Although, Jeremy is not much of a baby anymore; he is 3 years old. Jeremy’s closest Kaonde friend in Zambia that he met on his first campaign here ended up naming one of his children after Jeremy. Now baby Jeremy runs around saying our names, and we love spending time with his family.
We had our first meeting with our entire team—it lasted from 8am-1:30pm. We had a lot to cover, and we will be leaving this Sunday for a team retreat for 5 days to cover even more ground on our mission and spend quality time with our team. Our team now consists of 5 families, and 3 of those families all arrived January 13th, so we have a lot of learning to do.
Thank you for your prayers. We have needed them and have felt them. We have much to learn and much to pray for, but we feel blessed, called and thankful to be here.

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