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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tennesse Favorites

    I have thoroughly enjoyed living in the volunteer state since we moved here in July. Don't get me wrong, Texas will always be my home, but Tennessee has been a huge part of my life since my first trip to Chattanooga with Jeremy in college. I love so much about it! Here are my top ten favorite things about Chattanooga and the surrounding areas.

1. FALL: the weather, the leaves, fall festivals, pumpkin patches -love it all. TN is very festive!

 2. All of the rivers around here- The Ocoee and Hiwasee in particular. We have spent many weekends at both of these rivers rafting, tubing and fishing.

Here's Jeremy fly fishing.
3. East Brainerd C of C- We have felt so included, supported and blessed by this congregation. They have blessed us much more than they realize, I think. Not to mention, we are so thankful for their support while we are in Zambia.

4. Boyd-Buchanan school- Jeremy attended BBS from kindergarten through his senior year of high school. Of course, I had always heard great things about this school, but I have now been able to witness them myself. This is where both Jeremy and I have been working/teaching this semester.

5. Countryside Cafe in Ooltewah, TN. There is NO country cooking better than that of countryside.

6. The LOFT- Ann Taylor's LOFT to be exact. Love this place and loooove the sales! Basically, if they had a LOFT in Zambia I would be set.  :)

7. Downtown Chattanooga-it is a great place to hang out and has so many unique and pretty things to explore.

8. Hanging out with the Davis family- It has been so much fun to be around Jeremy's family, my in laws, for 6 months straight. Jeremy was able to help coach Caleb's football team this year, and Caleb was named defensive player of the season!

9. Heritage Park- I love this park so much! It is beautiful, and it has a plantation house right in the middle of the park. Jeremy and I like to take Merit (our dog) here to walk, and recently we were able to go inside the plantation house for a Christmas exhibit--it was great!
10. Lookout Mountain- of course I have to give a shout out to Lookout since that is where we were engaged 3 years ago at Rock City. I love Lookout Mountain!


  1. I never realized Tennessee was so beautiful!! I'm so excited to follow you guys as you go to Zambia :)

  2. Whit....stop lying, you live in Georgia.